on the conditions and manner of conducting the Public Competition for the selection of works from the field of publishing by the Cultural Institution 'Koraci' Kragujevac







Cultural institution 'Koraci'

Cultural Institution "Koraci" was established by the decision of the City Assembly of Kragujevac on 07.04.2017, as a legal successor of the Company - Publishing House "Koraci" d.o.o. Kragujevac. One of the main reasons for its establishment is the revival and support of publishing, both in the city itself and in the wider region. Being a legal follower of the publishing house "Koraci" d.o.o. Kragujevac, it continues the tradition of the publishing company "Nova Svetlost", newspaper publishing and graphic company "Svetlost" and other publishers in the historical vertical of the city, all the way back to "Knjazesko-Serbska knjigopecatnja", the first printing house in the modern Serbian state.

The main activity of the Institution is publishing, primarily fiction, monographic publications, magazines, and other printed editions, as well as the development of visual identification of printed publications (from idea to graphic preparation for printing) for all the institutions founded by the city of Kragujevac. In addition to books and magazines, there are catalogs, brochures, and all printed accessories. One of the basic ideas and goals of establishing the Cultural Institution "Koraci" is that, in addition to publishing, the Institution deals with the business of coordination, provision of specialized (design, legal and financial) services, media representation, communication, and public relations, primarily for the city cultural institutions.

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